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Nevada's Largest Producing Winery

Our wines collectively have recieved OVER 470 Wine Awards Since 2004


Nevada's Leading Producer of Nevada Grown Wines

2017 Harvest is in, 35 Tons of Nevada Grown Grapes

Our Nevada Wines have earned 107 National Wine Awards

3 Double Gold

18 Gold

54 Silver

32 Bronze


Voted Best Winery 2015, 2016 and 2017 - Nevada Magazine

Voted Best Restaurant 2015, 2016 and 2017 - Nevada Magazine

Symphony's 5 time "Award of Excellence" from Trip Advisor


NOTE: Thanks to all the Nevada grape growers and wineries that worked together to help expand our states wine industry with the passage of AB4 that was signed into law early 2015. This responsible legislation helps insure a growing and prospering wine industry in Nevada and we look forward to working with others that are dedicated to growing "Nevada".


Don't think grapes can grow in the desert? Well, think again.

The Pahrump Valley Winery opened in 1990 and the first vines were planted shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, wild horses thought these young vines were dinner and they fell victim to this herd. The vines were lost only to be replanted a couple of years later, this time with a fence!

In the fall of 2002, we discovered the winery and felt it could have a bright future. In January 2003 we took control of the winery and began the long and much needed process of upgrading and renovating the entire property. We installed a brand new, fully functional wine production cellar including new stainless steel fermentation tanks, bottling line, grape crushing and pressing equipment, refrigeration and cooling system, new oak barrel room for aging wine, all new tasting room and expansion, guest lounge, substantial new vineyard plantings and upgraded the landscaped grounds. This complete and total renovation of the winery also included a new state of the art kitchen and complete remodel for our restaurant, Symphony's.

The winery has a small estate vineyard planted in the early 1990’s and surprisingly, these vines had never been harvested. Fast forward to 2005 when we successfully harvested the first one and a half tons of Zinfandel grapes. This resulted in our release of Nevada's first ever commercial red wine, our 2005 Zinfandel. The wine is a medium bodied red wine with hints of cherry and cola. What is more surprising is this Zinfandel wine won "Gold" at the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition, making it Nevada's first Gold medal winner for a home grown wine. We also released the state's first commercial "inter-specific" or hybrid wine in 2009, our award-winning 2008 Frontenac. Now we like to say, we are "Bringing Gold to the Silver State".

We have been working for nearly a decade with various start up growers to help shape Nevada's grape growing industry. Not surprisingly, this has been meet with many challenges and the results have been mixed at times. However, we are now making great strides with several Nevada vineyards located in Pahrump Valley, Armargosa,  Crystal Heights and Fish Lake Valley. We harvest over 10 acres of Nevada grapevines spread over 4 vineyards. Our Nevada grown harvest for 2016 exceeded 35 tons of Nevada grown grapes.

Here is a current list of our "first ever, Nevada wines. These are the first time these wines have been produced commercially in the state of Nevada.

  • 2005 Zinfandel  ( Nevada's first commercial red wine )

  • 2008 Merlot

  • 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 2008 Frontenac

  • 2010 Primitivo

  • 2010 Tempranillo

  • 2010 Cinsaut

  • 2010 Mourvedre

  • 2011 Barbera

  • 2011 Syrah

  • 2011 Silver State Red Blend

  • 2014 Mourvedre

We are extremely grateful to our grower partners and the incredible work they do providing us with high quality wine grapes. We continue to assist our valuable partners in developing a viable grape growing industry in Nevada. We're excited that over the coming years we will continue to introduce more Nevada wine variatals as newly planted vineyards begin to produce great fruit. We will also continue to source grapes from some of the best growing regions of California such as Paso Robles, Lodi, Sierra Foothills and the North Coast.

We offer free 30 minute tours of the winery and the grounds at 11:30 / 1:30 / 3:30 everyday. We explain the history of the winery, growing grapes in Nevada and an overview on how we make wine. Our incredible good fortune has earned us over 430 National Wine Awards since 2004. So please accept our personal invitation and learn more with a visit to "Nevada's Winery in the desert".

"Bringing Gold to the Silver State"


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